Supply Of Procurement Of Spare Parts Of Loco Tractor.Procurement Of Spare Parts Of Loco Tractor.,6Es7312-1Ae14-0Ab0, Simatic S7-300, Cpu 312 Central Processing Unit With Mpi, Integr. Power Supply 24 V Dc, Work Memory 32 Kb, Micro Memory Card Required, Make: Siemens , 6Es7322-5Hf00-0Ab0, Simatic S7-300, Digital Output Sm 322, Isolated, 8 Do (Relay), 1X 40-Pole, 24 V Dc, 120-230 V Ac, 5 A With Rc Filter Overvoltage Protection, Make: Siemens , 6Es7322-1Hf10-0Aa0, Simatic S7-300, Output Sm 322, Isolated, 8 Do (Relay), 1X 40-Pole, 24 V Dc, 5 A Or 230 V Ac, 5 A, Connectors With Spring-Loaded Terminal Can Be Used As Of 6Es7392-1Bm01-0Aa0, Make: Siemens , 6Es7321-1Ch00-0Aa0, Simatic S7-300, Digital Input Sm 321, Isolated, 16 Di, 24-48 V Ac/Dc With Single Rooting, 1X 40-Pole, Make: Siemens , 6Es7334-0Ce01-0Aa0, Simatic S7-300, Analog Module Sm 334, Non-Isolated 4 Ai/2 Ao, 1X 20- Pole, Removing And Inserting Possible With Active Backplane Bus. Make: Siemens

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March 11, 2022

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